the Artist

About the Artist – KZan

MAGIC, DREAM AND ILLUSION … she first explored the world of art and the body’s fluid expression through dance which she practiced for 20 years with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens.

As a model, she discovered the illusion created by camera and model, and the breathtaking shapes and scents of Europe, Malaysia and Singapore where she lived for several years.

Her constant desire to push her journey higher and farther transform into a career in interior design, where she gets to play with spaces, environments, lifestyle to produce magical results.

Now, she presents another new face to express her natural instincts and artistic flair, pushing her quest further by giving birth to a universe that conveys sensuality, tenderness and equilibrium. Painting is akin to dancing … timelessness, fluidity that gives way to deep inspiration emanating in the stillness of now.

The lure of the colours, the visions they conjure up and the majesty of form guide her brush and give a distinct aspect to her works and reproductions, offering the viewer an opportunity to capture their own imagination.

The unusual, the rebirth, the unpredictable are the product of an artistic growth that produces a cornucopia of passion, inviting us to savour moments of genuine enjoyment …